Antonella Manzo

student, architect
Institution de rattachement
Politecnico di Milano
Équipe de recherche principale
Politecnico di Milano, DICA
Principales publications
Antonella Manzo, Santa Fosca in Torcello and the Middle Byzantine churches in Eastern Greece: preliminary comparison and remarks on common features and differences, in «Athens Journal of History», vol. 2, n°1, January 2016, pp. 43-57, ISSN: 2407-9677. Antonella Manzo, “On the Integration of Digital 2D and 3D Survey Models for the Geometrical Configuration and the Damage Assessment of a Medieval Building in Venice”, in Digital Heritage. Progress in Cultural Heritage: Documentation, Preservation and Protection, Springer International Publishing, Nicosia, 2018, pp. 677-688 DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-01762-0_60. Antonella Manzo, Lorenzo Cantini, Claudio Chesi, and Maria Adelaide Parisi, Italian Middle Byzantine Churches: A Comparison through Masonry Quality Analysis, in «International Journal of Architectural Heritage», vol. 13, 2019, pp.1-18 Paola Condoleo, Antonella Manzo, “On the spread of wooden trusses composed of bolted planks in the Italian post-war period”, in Structural Health Assessment of Timber Structures (SHATIS 2019), 5th International Conference, 25-27 September 2019, Guimares, Porto, pp. 139-146 ISBN: 978-989-54496-2-0. Antonella Manzo, Santa Fosca on Torcello Island and its hypothetical dome. From historiographical problems to structural analysis, Edizioni Quasar, MADlab, Università degli Studi di Parma, 2020.