Robby Fivez

Postdoc researcher
Institution de rattachement
VUB — Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Équipe de recherche principale
Faculty of engineering Department of architectural engineering
Équipe de recherche secondaire
Ghent University Faculty of engineering and architecture Department of architecture and urban planning
Thèmes de recherche
Construction history of the Belgian Congo (1908-1960)
Principales publications
Johan Lagae & Robby Fivez (2022) ‘Tout le Congo est un chantier’. Notes on the archive of a (post)colonial construction firm in African Modernism and its Afterlives, Eds. Berre, N., Geissler, P.W., Lagae J. (Bristol: Intellect Publishers). Robby Fivez & Monika Motylinska (2022): Infrastructures and Networks of Cement in Africa across the 20th Century in Infrastructure Designs: Global Perspectives from Architectural History, Ed. Heathcott J., pp. 40-50 (New York: Routledge). Robby Fivez (2020): The Rubble in the Jungle: a fragmented biography of Lukala’s cementscape, DR Congo in Journal of Landscape Architecture (1), 78-87. Robby Fivez (2019): The ‘Guide schématique de la ligne’ [1957] Tracing the infrastructure landscape along the Matadi-Kinshasa railway line (DR Congo) through a living archive. in ABE journal (14/15), online. Willem Bekers & Robby Fivez (2019): The visual, the accidental and the actual in the historiography of the fort of Shinkakasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, 1891- 1909. in Water, doors and buildings: Studies in the history of construction, Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Conference of the Construction History Society, Cambridge, UK, April 2019, 392-406.
Implication dans des programmes et projets de recherche
EOS-project: Construction History Above and Beyond