First Conference of the Construction History Society

First Conference of the Construction History Society

Queens’ College, Cambridge
11-12 April 2014
The papers are published in the proceedings
Friday 11 April
Conference day one

9.00-9.30 am Arrival at Queen’s and registration
9:30am Welcome talk: Fitzpatrick Hall
10:00 11:15 Early Morning Sessions (1 & 2)

Session 1 Fitzpatrick HallIron BridgesSession Chair: Bill Addis
James Miller, Jackie Heath
The History of Defect and Repairs of Iron      Bridge
Dermot O’Dwyer, Ronald Cox
Old Ennisnag Bridge
Inge Bertels and Ine Wouters
Production and assembly marks in wrought iron structures
Session 2 Bowett RoomMeasuring and RecordingSession Chair: Robert Carvais
John Gelder
Two Egyptian curves revisited
Francisco Javier Rodríguez Méndez
Spatial unification of Romanesque churches in Zamora and its influence on the buttress system
Piero Gilento
A proposal for cataloguing the building techniques in Roman-Byzantine and Islamic Jordanian Hawrăn

11:15-11:30 Coffee and biscuits
11:30-12:45 Late Morning Sessions (3 & 4)

Session 3 Fitzpatrick HallContracts and FinanceSession Chair: Linda Clarke
Gabriel Byng
‘Fabric Wardens’ and the Organisation of Parish Church Construction in the Late Middle Ages
Melody Mobus
Surviving late payments: Strategies of Christopher Wren’s masons from Burford
Conor Lucey
The developer, the builder, his contractors and their tradesmen
Session 4 Bowett RoomPost-1945 ConstructionSession Chair: Nicholas Bill
Stephanie Van de Voorde
The Emergence of a new Generation of Building Products in Post-War Belgium. The Case of Lightweight Concrete
Christopher Domin
Hang the Roof: Building the Aerial Site [Lightweight Roofs]
Benedetta Stoppioni
New Technologies for a New Society: German Museum Architecture after 1945

12:45-2:00 Lunch in Cripps Dining Hall
2:00-3:00 Keynote Lecture Fitzpatrick Hall
Richard Harris
The Fruit of Dendrochronology: New Insights into Roof Carpentry in England, Germany and France
3:00-4:15 Afternoon Sessions (5, 6)

Session 5 Fitzpatrick HallCarpentry and JoinerySession Chair: Stefan Holzer
David Yeomans, Hugh Harrison
The construction and structure of medieval gates
Patrick Fleming, Sofia Singler, Michael Ramage
Construction History and Alteration of the Oak Roof Structure of the Sidney Sussex College Hall
Robert Beech
Form v Function: The Structural Development of Early fifteenth-century Hammer-beam roofs
Session 6 Bowett RoomCements and RendersSession Chair: Ine Wouters
Salvatore Aprea
The early German production and use of modern hydraulic binders: between English influences and the search for a scientific approach, 1817-1839
Y. Govaerts, A. Verdonck, M. De Bouw, W. Meulebroeck
The introduction of ready-mix rendering mortars for stone imitation in Belgium [1920-1940]
Maris Mändel
Dreaming of a Cementless Future: The Story of Silicalcite

4:15-4:30 Coffee and Biscuits
4:30-6:30 Late Afternoon Sessions (7, 8)

Session 7 Fitzpatrick HallVaults, Domes and CastlesSession Chair: Santiago Huerta
Jacques Heyman
Wren’s domes
Cristina Gonzales-Longo
The transformation of Drumlanring Castle at the end of seventeenth-century
Dimitris Theodossopoulos
Stone barrel Vaulting in late medieval churches in Scotland
David Wendland, Maria Aranda Alonso, Alexander Kobe
The vault with curvilinear ribs in the “hall of Arms” in the Albrechsburg Meissen: studies on the concept, design and construction of a complex late Gothic rib vault
Session 8 Bowett Room20th Century ConstructionSession Chair: Tom Leslie
Fiona Smyth
Acoustic Design in the 1930s: Robinson and Keefe’s Church of Corpus Christi, Dublin
Kenneth F. Robson, Somik Ghosh
Lean Principles in the Design and Construction of the Empire State Building
Laura Greco
The evolution of building techniques in the Italian Alpine context from the 1950s-1960s
Oscar Fiertes, Joaquin Fernandez
The traditional wooden shipyards on the northwest coast of Spain

End of first day
Free evening in Cambridge
Saturday 12 April
Conference day two

8.30-9.30 am Morning Registration for those arriving day two
9:30am Welcome to Day two: Fitzpatrick Hall
10:00 11:15 Opening Sessions day two (9, 10)

Session 1 Fitzpatrick HallThe Building WorldSession Chair: Robert Thorne
Christine Wall
Recording the ‘building world’: how oral history transforms construction history
Robert C. McWilliam
Transferring construction technology and conflicts of interest – a century ago
Linda Clarke
Building by Direct Labour: the significance of DLOs.
Session 2 Bowett RoomVaulting AmbitionsSession Chair: David Wendland
Carmen Pérez-de-los-Rios, Enrique Rabasa-Díaz
Stretched templates in Gothic taste-charge construction
Alberto Calderón
Startegies for the accord of Gothic and Classical stone construction systems in 16th and 17th century buildings in Northern Spain.
Elena Pliego de Andrés, Alberto Sanjurjo Álvarez
Robert Willis’ Contribution to Understanding the Gothic Flamboyant Style

11:30-11:45 Coffee and biscuits
11:45-12:45 Keynote lecture Fitzpatrick Hall
Mark Wilson-Jones
Thoughts on Greek and Roman Building Construction
12:45-2:00 Lunch in Cripps Dining Hall
2:00-2:30 Fitzpatrick Hall
Annual General Meeting of the Construction History Society (all welcome)
2:30-3:00 Fitzpatrick Hall
Bill Addis (editor of Construction History)
The contribution made by the Journal Construction History towards establishing the history of construction a discipline.
3:00-4:15 Mid-Afternoon Sessions (11, 12)

Session 11 Fitzpatrick HallThe Concrete WorldSession Chair: Hermann Schlimme
Stefan M. Holzer
Mixing concrete – remaks on the early history of modern Concrete
Jan Moksnes
Concrete Platforms in the North Sea –a golden era for development of advanced concrete structures
Francesco Carlo Toso
An alpine hydroelectric construction site. Works for the utilisation of hydraulic resources in Alta Valtellina 1907-1930
Session 4 Bowett RoomDeveloping MaterialsSession Chair: Michael Heaton
Chris How
The British Cut Clasp Nail
Yiting Pan
Timber Supply in Colonial China. 1840-1940
Yu-sen Chou, Dimitris Theodossopoulos
Building Material Migration : Imported Brick and Localization in Taïwan in 17th Century.

4:15-4:30 Coffee and Biscuits
4:30-6:30 Final Sessions (13, 14)

Session 13 Fitzpatrick HallTransferring ideasSession Chair: Inge Bertels
L. Dekeyser, A. Verdonck
Knowledge transfer of vernacular finishing techniques in the interwar period: on the history of cimorné ender
Christiane Weber
Frei Otto and model testing: “I cannot trust the pure calculation, if this cannot be verified with a model”
Robert Carvais
A Digital Edition of the Didactic Knowledge of Construction: the Courses of Antoine Desgodets
José Antonio García-Ares, Fabio Tellia
Some instances of Arch and Vaulting Construction at the New York Public Library
Session 4 Bowett RoomInnovative structuresSession Chair: Bill Addis
Dermot O’Dwyer, Jay Cummins, Ronald Cox
John Rennies’s Dublin cast-iron trusses
Paul Bell
Some examples of structural innovation in the construction of English churches in the long 19th century
Alberto Pugnale, Alberto Bologna
Dante Bini’s air structures (1964-1979). From early Italian prototypes to the Australian experience
Dr Luciano Cardellicchio
Pier Luigi Nervi vs Fazlur Khan: the developing of the outrigger system for skyscrapers

6:30-6/45 Closing Words: Fitzpatrick Hall
7:00 Drinks Reception Old Kitchens
7:30 Gala Dinner in Old Hall (Optional)