Rethinking European architecture beyond Europe

Le réseau international de recherche “European Architecture beyond Europe : Sharing Research and Knowledge on Dissemination Processes, Historical Data and Material Legacy (19th-20th centuries)” a ouvert un appel à communication pour la conférence finale de ce programme de recherche qui se tiendra du 13 au 17 Avril à Palermo (Italie)

6 sujets sont proposés :

  • Transnational studies and cultural transfers” (chaired by Kathleen James-Chakraborty).
  • Methods and methodologies: Writing the histories of Europeanimperial/colonial architecture” (chaired by Alex Bremner and JoAnne Mancini).
  • “Looking eastward, building identities. The architecture of European diplomacy beyond the Mediterranean in the age of Empire” (chaired by Paolo Girardelliand Mercedes Volait).
  • Tropical architecture” (chaired by Ola Uduku and Iain Jackson).
  • Architectures of exile: Visions and re-visions of the global modern in the age of the refugee” (chaired by Regina Göckede and Rachel Lee).
  • Architecture as developmentaid: Modernization, technicalassistance and the design of institutions” (chaired by Tom Avermaete and Kim de Raedt).

Vos propositions (300 mots) sont à envoyer avant le 1 Décembre 2013.
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