International workshop

Economic Development and Environmental Transformations in Europe’s Extractive Peripheries (16th – 21st centuries)

EHESS – School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (Paris, France)
21 November 2018
EHESS, 54 boulevard Raspail 75018 Paris – Room 737


9.30 –9.40 Opening

Jawad Daheur (CNRS-CERCEC)

9.40 –11.00 Section I

Chair : Raphaël Morera (CNRS-CRH)

Chechesh Kudachinova (Humboldt University Berlin): « When Knowledge is not Power:
Siberian Mineral Wealth and Early Modern Resource Imaginations »
Discussant:Sarah Claire

Didier Boisseuil (University of Tours): «L’exploitation des ressources naturelles dans la Toscane méridionale et dans le Nord du Latium à la fin du Moyen Âge et au début des Temps modernes »

11.00 – 11.20 Coffee Break

11.20 – 12.40 Section II

Chair : Thomas Le Roux (CNRS-CRH)

Sarah Claire (EHESS): « La zone minière des monts Métallifères en Bohême : un bassin de ressources au cœur de l’Europe des XVIe-XVIIsiècles »

Alexei Kraikovski (HSE University Saint Petersburg): « “From Non being into Being” – Blubber Monopolies and the Governmental Vision of Marine Mammals Hunt in the Russian North, Late 17th– 18th Centuries. »

12.40 – 14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 16.00 Section III

Chair: Laurent Herment (CNRS-CRH)

James Stafford (University of Bielefeld): « ‘The Granary of Great Britain’: Farming and
Manpower in Ireland, 1780-1820 »

Marina Loskutova (HSE University Saint Petersburg): « Russian Timber Trade with Britain in the White Sea Coastal Area in the Second Half of the 18th– first Half of the 19th Century »

Marizio Romanuo (Catholic University of Milan): « Environmental Crises and Economic Transformations in Lombardy’s Extractive Areas. The Case of Wood (late 18th– mid 19th century) »

16.00 – 16.20 Coffee break

16.20 – 17.40 Section IV

Chair : Marc Elie (CNRS-CERCEC)

Elena Kochetkova (HSE University Saint Petersburg): « Forest Exploitation and Technological Innovations in the Soviet Union, 1945-1991 »

Iwona Bojadżijewa (University of Warsaw): « Environmental Degradation, Extractivism and Peripheral Status as Narrated during Round Table Talks in 1989 Poland »

17.40 – 18.00 Conclusion

Matthias Heymann (University of Aarhus)